Following are problems that have been reported and resolved.  If you can't find a solution to your problem here please email the webmaster (from the link below) to report the problem in detail.  We are committed to responding to all reported problems. 

1.   I can't send email to the website links. 

EXPLANATION:  This occurs if you normally use a web-based email account such as  If this is the case you need to copy the email address you want to send to, then go to your email website and write and send the message from there.  The email addresses for this website are:,,, and

2.    I don't see the latest changes to the website.

EXPLANATION:  You may need to hit the REFRESH button on your browser to download the new material.  Browsers often save old files and reuse them to speed up the page change instead of always downloading new information.  The REFRESH button causes the whole page to be downloaded so you will get the latest information from the website.


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