AirPRO provides a forum for retirees and all former Air Products employees who meet certain age and years of service requirements.  Its primary purpose is to encourage group activities and maintain a contact point for AirPRO members through regular meetings, social affairs, recreational outings, volunteering opportunities, and a quarterly publication, The Retiree News.

Meetings are scheduled quarterly, held in the Air Products Auditorium, and feature an interesting speaker or demonstration. Any AirPRO business is also conducted at that time. AirPRO holds a summer outdoor picnic, a Christmas dinner-dance and a spring and a fall golf outing plus group travel events.

Members also enjoy access to the highly informative AirPRO website and a quarterly publication, The Retiree News, both of which provide pertinent information on happenings and other highlights based on information from AirPRO members. 

The dues for joining AirPRO: A one-time payment of $35 for a Lifetime Membership.  Make checks payable to AirPRO and forward the completed application to:


AirPRO Membership Secretary

1940 Air Products Boulevard

  Allentown, PA  18106-5500


Name    _____________________________________________________________


Street Address ________________________________________________________ 


City__________________  State_____ Zip Code (Zip+4 if available) _______________


Telephone Number _____________________________________________________


E-mail Address ________________________________________________________


The AirPRO website provides the most current information about the calendar of events, trip flyers, stories of retirees, new members, deaths, volunteering opportunities, and much more.  If we have your current e-mail address, we will send you a monthly reminder when the website is updated or when important new information is posted.  If you cannot access the internet, please send a note to the membership secretary requesting to receive postal mailings of the updated website information.


Name of Spouse ________________________________________________________


Original Employment Date ____________________________ Current Age ___________


Retirement Date ___________________________________ Years of Service ________


Last Position Before Retirement _____________________________________________


Are you currently receiving an Air Products pension?   Yes  q       No   q


I am enclosing $35 for a Life Membership.  I acknowledge that the information in the AirPRO membership directory is not to be used for solicitations of any kind and is not to be provided to third parties for any reasons. Further, I acknowledge that membership in AirPRO does not confer automatic access to Air Products facilities.



Signature _______________________________ Date __________________________


Thank you for joining your fellow retirees and for your anticipated participation in AirPRO events.


Air Products Retiree Association



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